Text REtrieval Conference Application to Participate in TREC 2023

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REGISTRATION KEY Registrations for TREC have officially closed. If you have been given a registration key, Enter it in this field and complete the remainder of the form.
NAME The name of the person who is the main TREC contact for your organization.
ORGANIZATION The full name of your organization.
ORG ID A short identifier for your group (up to 15 characters). This identifier must be used in all correspondence with NIST, so it should be distinctive for your group and memorable by all members of your group. Your run submissions will be tagged by this identifier in the TREC proceedings, so it will become publically viewable. The identifier may contain letters, numbers, periods, and underscores (only). It must be unique, so if another group is already using this identifier, you will be asked to choose another.
ADDRESS A physical mailing address for your organization.
PHONE A phone number for the main contact person.
FAX A fax number for the main contact person.
EMAIL ONE email address to be subscribed to the TREC 2023 mailing list. Confirmation of your application will also be sent to this address. Please note that only one address per participating group will be added to the mailing list, but that address can be (and is encouraged to be) a local reflector address. Please make sure that TREC can send mail to the local reflector if you choose to go that route.
PAST PARTICIPATION Have you participated in TREC before? If yes, please list the years you participated.
No   Yes  
DETAILS Please give a one-paragraph description of your retrieval approach.
TRACKS What tracks are you planning to participate in? (This is not binding, but helps us with planning.)
Clinical Trials
Deep Learning
Product Search
Tip Of The Tongue