Information on the 2019 Challenge


FEIII 2019 will be hosted at the Workshop on Data Science for Macromodeling (DSMM) with financial and socio-economic datasets, in conjunction with ACM SIGMOD 2019. DSMM 2019 will be held on Sunday June 30 in Amsterdam.

Datasets and Tasks

FEIII 2019 will include two datasets / challenges.

FEIII CALI is an ENTITY LINKAGE task across data obtained from five public resources that collect identification and activity data about small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in California that are involved in the sale or distribution of food and beverages. This will be a SCORED task.

FEIII SHIP: We provide a dataset of the bills of lading header information from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency’ Automated Manifest System (AMS), for incoming US shipments in 2018. The header identifies the shipper, the consignee (recipient), and shipment details. A (semi) SCORED task will be defined for the dataset. We also encourage research papers that explore the dataset: an OPEN task.

We thank Enigma for curating these datasets from public resources and BBVA Data & Analytics for their expertise in defining the challenge tasks.

Tentative timeline

March 10 Release datasets
April 15 Abstract submission to DSMM Workshop
May 1 Early registration deadline for SIGMOD 2019 and DSMM.
May 15 Scoring of participant solutions
May 31Camera ready short paper submission to DSMM Workshop
Sunday June 30DSMM Workshop